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Cutting Edge TestingCutting Edge Testing

Cutting Edge Testing

We are happy to announce that our Sherman oaks office is now dispensing medication for your convenience. We are now medicating for, • Gonorrhea & Chlamydia (injections & pills) • Bacterial Vaginosis (aka B.V) • Candida Vaginitis (aka Yeast infection) • UTI • Herpes • Syphilis • Trichomonas • Bronchitis If you live out of town, we will continue to call your prescription in at your local pharmacy. Our goal is to give you the best private & affordable care around. Thank you for your continued support. Your friends at CET!

HIV TestingHIV Testing

HIV Testing

HIV testing is used to determine if you are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is a virus that weakens your body’s immune system, making it difficult to fight infections and certain cancers. If HIV is not treated, you will eventually become very ill and may die. HIV testing can be done easily with a small sample of blood taken from a vein or even from saliva or a finger prick. These tests screen for antibodies that your immune system produces after being exposed to HIV. If the tests are positive, the result needs to be confirmed with further tests.

STD Testing Los Angeles

STD Testing in Los Angeles – When Do You Need It?

In our life, there will certainly come a time that we meet a person with whom we would love to spend our entire life with. This special person is someone who brings joy into our life and that we are willing to do everything just for him or her.

So if you are someone who have had various sexual partners in the past, perhaps, it’s time that you consider the thought of undergoing STD testing in Los Angeles. If you truly love the person that you are in a relationship with now, then you should make sure that he or she will stay healthy and safe so if you have doubts about your past, you must do the appropriate actions as early as now.

Passed On from One Partner to Another

If you remember an instance in your past where you had a sexual relationship with a stranger that you just met casually, then it is time that you consider STD testing in Los Angeles. The reason is because that person might have been infected with STD and in case you didn’t know, this virus can easily be passed on from one partner to another.

This means that if that person that you had a sexual relationship with in the past was infected with STD, then there is a bigger chance that you could be infected as well. So if you are going to have a sexual relationship with the person you love, then he or she will be infected as well. This can certainly affect your relationship and you could end up ruining the trust that the person has towards you.

STD is Hard to Detect

Those who were infected with STD will certainly agree that this condition is not easy to detect. There are even instances wherein the symptoms will not show up at all. Most of all, the virus could stay in your system for a long time and it will be difficult to cure such dreaded diseases.

So before everything is too late, you should undergo STD testing in Los Angeles now. The virus steadily and slowly builds up in your system until your entire body will be damaged. If you develop a sexual relationship with your partner, the virus travels in only a few seconds and eventually, your partner’s entire body system will be damaged as well.

STD Testing is the First Option

If you are having doubts about getting infected with the STD virus, your first option is to go through STD testing in Los Angeles. Even if you go directly to a physician, he or she will advise you to undergo the test first before they could prescribe you with the proper medicines to kill the virus.

Now remember that the earlier you undergo the test, the better. For if you wait for a long time before you get yourself tested, the virus could spread all over your body which will be difficult to cure.

So now that you know the importance of going through STD testing in Los Angeles, your next step is to go online to search for the most legitimate clinic in Los Angeles, CA that can do the test for you.