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Cutting Edge TestingCutting Edge Testing

Cutting Edge Testing

Call the CET main office in Sherman Oaks during business hours if you receive a Positive Result(s) on your CET test panel. CET may call in a prescription for treatment to your local pharmacy or refer you to a physician or public health service location to assist you with your specific infection(s). CET wants to thank you for your continued support. Your friends at CET!

HIV TestingHIV Testing

HIV Testing

HIV testing is used to determine if you are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is a virus that weakens your body’s immune system, making it difficult to fight infections and certain cancers. If HIV is not treated, you will eventually become very ill and may die. HIV testing can be done easily with a small sample of blood taken from a vein or even from saliva or a finger prick. These tests screen for antibodies that your immune system produces after being exposed to HIV. If the tests are positive, the result needs to be confirmed with further tests.

Hepatitis Testing Los Angeles

The Importance of Hepatitis Testing at a Los Angeles Clinic

Hepatitis is one of the most commonly occurring and dangerous diseases that has steadily grown in appearance over the past decade or so. Because of the varying factors that cause a person to contract it, it is recommended for a person of any age to undergo a scheduled hepatitis testing in Los Angeles, as they have some of the best clinics around.

The Basic Knowledge of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is basically the sickness of the liver, wherein the cells of the liver become damaged in such a way that it causes extreme harm to a person’s overall health. As one of the largest organs that make up the human body, its functions are vast and important to maintaining the body’s working system. Among its more important functions are:

• Controls the level of sugar in the blood stream.

• Decomposes old blood cells and other unnecessary cells.

• Produces important hormones needed in further development.

• Detoxifies the body of harmful substances.

Hepatitis also has the tricky issue of coming and going without a person knowing. Because of its various strains and types, a person can get hepatitis and then heal naturally all without being aware of what happened. Nevertheless, precautions must always be taken as the outcome of hepatitis can be unpredictable. Undergoing hepatitis testing at a Los Angeles clinic at regular intervals can help detect any possible infection early on, as late detection can cause heavy damage.

Types of Hepatitis

There are three main types of hepatitis, each with its own symptoms, causes and treatments. They are:

• Hepatitis A

An infection of this type of hepatitis is caused by digesting food or drink that is already infested with the virus. This strain of hepatitis is the mildest one and is the easiest to cure. Most people who contract this make full recovery quickly.

• Hepatitis B

This type of hepatitis is the sexually transmitted disease, that is, it can be contracted during unprotected intercourse or through sharing of unsterilized needles. This is a very damaging strain of hepatitis and can develop to the point of it becoming a lifelong sickness.

• Hepatitis C

The less common of the types, hepatitis C is caused through a blood stream meeting another that is already infected. It has been found to be caused mainly by contaminated anesthesia or through infected blood transfusion. It can be just as damaging as hepatitis B.

Hepatitis Testing in Los Angeles and Treatment

Hepatitis testing in Los Angeles, like many other tests, can be done either confidentially or anonymously. No matter the case, if a person finds out that he or she really has hepatitis, then the next stage would be to discuss treatment. Every center for hepatitis testing in Los Angeles offers some consultants for infected people to take advantage of and to help them get through the infection safely.

Depending on the strain discovered, the treatment can vary greatly. Hepatitis A tends to require no treatment at all, as most people simply bounce back without help. Hepatitis B and C, on the other hand, both require more extensive use of medicine, the amount and degree varying with the infection level.